Ouch! Not a good start so far for the Reds


Today was the second game in Champions League against Marseille. I was at the Samaritan Hospital when the game started. Kebiasaannya Champions League’s games kick-off at 2.45pm (lewat 5 jam dari Europe). Sampai di rumah around 6.00pm, the game has ended. Soccernet to the rescue. What? 0-1. Terkejut sekejap. Okey ler, maybe pasal main kat France. Tapi bila check balik, ler… main kat Anfield rupanya. Camna ni? Dah le menang dengan Wigan 1-0 jer minggu lepas. Rafa, apa kata kalau mainkan aje si Torres dengan Kuyt tu sekali… Crouch tu simpan jelah dulu. Cam tak berkesan jer semenjak dua menjak ni…

Steven Gerrad

Cerita pasal Liverpool, teringat cerita yg sy baca semalam dalam The Sun. Al kisahnya, Stevie G, kapitan The Reds terlanggar seorang budak sekolah (or was it the other way around? From the news report, it was mentioned that the boy appeared out of nowhere and suddenly ran straight towards the main road and hit Steven G’s Ā£175,000 Bentley). Anyhow, being a gentleman as he is, Stevie G pun bawa le budak ni ke hospital. Stayed with him until everything is okay before heading back home. Just before that, he asked the parents which team does the boy supports? Ooo, the Red Devils rupanya.

So dia pun pikir panjang. Pasalnya memula ingat nak bagi jersi Liverpool as souvenier. Ooooi, mana boleh dia kata šŸ™‚ . Liverpool and Man U macam air and minyak, tak leh campur oooo. Tak caya? Try tanya Hilmi masa kami ke Leeds dulu šŸ™‚ . Tak pun tanya Hanz dia datang melawat kami kat Salford dulu. So Stevie G pun dengan pantasnya menalipon Rooney, minta boots sepasang yg siap diautograph. The next day, as you would have imagined, the boy couldn’t stop smiling when Steven G presented him with the boots and an England jersy. Cool eh? By the way, the report ended by mentioning the cars Stevie G owns which includes Aston Martin Vanquish, a Jaguar XKR and Audi A4 Turbo Cabriolet. Lagi cool eh? Cam water cooler punya cool. šŸ™‚


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