New Zune anybody?

New Zune

Microsoft just announced the new Zune 2.0 last Tuesday. 80Gb for $249, seems to be a good deal to me. The old Zune is selling at a reduced price of $199 now (originally $249).


But wait, didn’t Apple just release their brand new IPod series before this as well? IPod Classic with 80Gb is also selling for $249. And don’t forget the multi touch interface IPod Touch for $299, fully equipped with Safari web browser and you can even watch your favorite You Tube videos. Ouch, I think Zune still has a long, long way to go. Well, back to the design board guys.

Note: By the way, RPI is offering the old IPod Classic (gen 5.5) at a huge low price of $160. Good eh?

I found this on YouTube just now. This was Leo Laporte’s review (I really miss his show, Call for Help) on Zune 1.0. Have a go… 😉


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