So, you want to deliver a GREAT presentation?

Life as a communication’s major student here in RPI involve delivering a lot of presentation. When I said a lot, I meant a LOT! It all started with a 5 minutes short presentation last year. That was in my second day here! Since then, each week ada aje presentation. Nervous? Butterflies in the stomach? Yup, selalu. So, in order to deliver a better presentation, let us learn how the experts in the field present their great presentations and mesmerize their audience. One of them is Apple Inc’s CEO, Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs is well-know for his electrifying presentations. One of his greatest presentation so far was the the one he delivered earlier this year at the annual Macworld show when he introduced the iPhone. There are many elements in his presentation which makes him a great presenter, as mentioned on this site such as the ability to build tension, doing a lot of practice beforehand and showing a lot of passion, energy and enthusiasm among other things. However, there is this one particular element which draw my attention. Visual, visual and more visual.

Compare these two set of slides (taken from :

Steve Job’s slides in his August Special Event keynote

Bill Gates’s slides used in his CEO Summit presentation.

Notice the differences? The key to a good presentation’s slides is simplicity. The simplicity keeps the audience’s attention on you, where it should be. Too much text distracts from your words. When you found yourself competing against the slides to grab the audience’s attention, then something must be wrong. Thus, use less bullet points as possible and makes the slides highly visual.


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