Posto, posto. Ada e-mail untuk encik…

Penggunaan email sekarang di mana2 boleh dikatakan meluas, in workplace, academia and of course our personal life. Di RPI, email is everything in a student’s daily routines. Nak hantar assignments, guna email. Tak paham apa yang professor ngajar during classes? Hantar email minta nasihat.

Originally, e-mail started way back in 1965, used at MIT long before the introduction WWW in 1989. Well, I prefer not to bore you with the boring stuffs, so let me just dive in to my main point. I just wanted to highlight one important email etiquette, which is the speed of return or feedback of emails.

Last year when I was in the whole process of applying into RPI, I usually sent emails to the course coordinator asking for info and advise. At first I was surprised to receive the reply after 20 mins I sent them out. Good email etiquette eh? The best part was ada sekali I sent an email on Sunday morning and intuitively expecting the reply by Monday at least. But nooo, Monday was too late it seemed. Within 30 mins, I received the feedback I wanted. I was again, needless to say, surprised.

Hmm, tak ada kerja ka diaorang nie? Asyik jawab email jer 🙂 . Don’t get me wrong though. I know it’s a GREAT thing. But doesn’t it set a certain standard or precedent when you started to reply to emails on Sunday or even at 3.00 am in the morning?

So bila dah sampai di sini, baru perasan, rupanya email is an essential part of life. Users embrace email as one of their communication’s tools. It’s like what cell phone means to us. We all know how cell phone is IMPORTANT in our life. Hilang 5 minit je, tension woo. Whenever there is an access to computer, checking email will be the first thing that come into their mind. In cases where they will be away from computer for a period longer than a day, they will send emails informing everybody about the situation. Good eh?

Why email has been such a major success like cell phones? Probably because it is push technology. Push technology deliver information to the user so all they have to do is receive it. Other examples of this technology is radio and tv. A library and the Web on the other hand are pull technologies require the user to actively go and retrieve the information. Another important factor is maybe because of it is free. Gmail rules! Oppss, Yahoo Mail as well 🙂 . By the way, if you ever wonder what usually happens when you click on the ‘Send’ button on Gmail, here’s your answer.

Ahhh, now I know. Like that one 🙂 .

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