Southern California’s fire inferno

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As I’m writing this, CNN continues to show images captured of the wildfires disaster that’s currently spreading in Southern California. It’s day 3 now. Almost 1/2 million Californian had been evacuated. More than 1,300 homes were burnt to the ground. President Bush has declared a state of emergency to pave way for federal disaster relief. There are also fears that the winds may force the 3 major fires to become one monster blaze. Things are definitely not looking very good over the next a couple of days šŸ˜¦ .


4 responses to “Southern California’s fire inferno

  1. No wonder. My cousin who’s from L.A suddenly called me last night telling me that he’s coming back to KL today. How bad is the fire Khairil? I don’t know which part of L.A my cousin lives in.

  2. Based on my understanding from what I read and watch on CNN, it’s really bad. It’s some sort like Katrina-like disaster which happened 2 years ago. Luckily this time around the Bush’s Administration is well prepared to handle the matter in terms of aid, food etc. Hopefully your cousin manage to get the flight back home.

  3. Saw that in CNN and newspaper. Too bad they cant predict the winds direction ha?
    Hope no msian involve in this and hope they will manage to put down the fire asap.

  4. Unfortunately natural wildfires tend to happen on yearly basis in California due the combination between heat and dry climate and the Santa Ana Winds. Coupled with the fallen leaves etc, things can get out of controlled most of the times.

    As of today, as nearly as 1 million evacuees has fled Southern California’s wildfires. Yup, I sincerely hope they manage to contain the fire soon…

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