Distributed Cognition @ DCog

On Dec 5th, I’ll be delivering a short presentation on Distributed Cognition a.k.a DCog for my Theory in HCI’s class. As a person who advocates Knowledge Management and e-Learning, I believe Distributed Cognition presents a powerful theoretical framework which can help elevates the current state of these two fields.

Traditional cognitive theorist often argues that cognition resides in the head, as being a property of the individual. Distributed cognition on the other hand emphasizes the distributed nature of cognitive phenomena across individuals, artifacts and internal and external representations.

DCog focuses beyond the boundaries of the individual. What this mean is that human knowledge and cognition are not confined to the individual. Instead, it is distributed by placing memories, facts, or knowledge on the objects, individuals, and tools in our environment (Wikipedia).

With the current amount of information overload we are now facing each days, surely we can use DCog to help us with our daily chores. One simple way of applying DCog is by using Post-It notes. Good eh?


2 responses to “Distributed Cognition @ DCog

  1. How can I contact you? I´ve been working four years in teh subject and may be we can interchange some opinions.
    Best regards

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