Calamity Carson…


There’s this thing about goalkeepers, either they parry the shot or they don’t. As simple as that. Thus, I feel sorry for England’s Scott Carson. It was his second international game against Croatia last night (after starting against Austria) and unfortunately, his third touch in the game, was to collect the ball from the back of the net…

Outfield players like defender, midfielder and especially striker can afford to make mistake and every so often, they would get away with it. Unfortunately for a goalkeeper like Carson, his simple error gifted Kranjcar’s speculative shot the opening goal, which inevitably I believe will haunt him forever. Quoting BBC’s report on the incident, “With eight minutes gone, he (Carson) must have wanted part of the rain-sodden pitch to open up and swallow him whole.“, it sure must have been hard on him 😦 .

He got a bright future in front of him (btw, he’s only 22 this year). It’s proven that goalkeepers tend to mature with age. Just look at Peter Schmeichel, Michel Preud’homme, David Seaman and Oliver Kahn. All of them reached their peak in their 30’s. Wish him all the best…


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