It’s Grey’s Anatomy tonite


I can never get enough of this award-winning drama, Grey’s Anatomy. I’m so seriously addicted to the series. When I was a kid, it was Macgyver which kept me glued to the tube. Every time things started to turn from bad to worst, our fav’s secret agent Macgyver will always be there to rescue the world.

One hour of Macgyver was never enough. Every time each episode was about to end (well, the easiest way to figure this out back then was by looking at the clock on the wall. Kalau dah pukul 9.20pm tu, maknanya dah nak abis ler πŸ™‚ , dulu berita 1/2 jam jer) , I often wished they could just add another 30 mins more. Wishful thinking, eh?

Now, fast forward the time (well 15 years later πŸ˜‰ ) , it’s Grey’s Anatomy: Seattle Grace Hospital’s fine and talented residents, Dr. Meredith Grey, Dr. Yang, Dr. Karev, Dr. Stevens, McDreamy and McSteamy. They are so good in playing their roles that often I believed they were real doctors 8) . For those who missed the past episodes, you can get them on ABC. Enjoice…

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