College Football is a big thing here


Yes, it’s true. No doubt about it. College football is a big thing in America. As for today alone, there were at least 5 action-packed games shown on the tube simultaneously.

Prior to my arrival, college football has little bearing on my life. Like most Malaysians, football = Man U + Chelsea + Liverpool + Arsenal = English Premier League. Unfortunately over here, what is football to us means soccer to Americans.

One thing which I admire the most about college football, apart from a great sportsmanship conduct (hardly any fights considering it’s a physical sport) and a well-oiled management team, is the level of success the sport plays in bringing the public together to come and watch the game. It seems like the whole town is attending the game.

Remember, we are only talking about college’s level (university) here, not the real deal yet, the big daddy: NFL’s American Football.  Now, yang ni memang happening habis. People of different ages pakat2 datang support their team. Kalah menang kira adat le dalam game. Yang penting everybody is having fun while enjoying the game with friends and family.

Oh yeah, one more thing about football: don’t even get me started on the game’s statistics. Just trust me, it’s all about facts and figures over here. Pening kepala pokcik bila tengok those numbers on tv 😉 … Buat Add Math (my father always corrected me when I prefer to use Mat Tamb instead of Add Math) masa sekolah menengah lagi senang daripada trying to figure out what the numbers mean 🙂 .

One response to “College Football is a big thing here

  1. kat Jepun ni Yakiu(baseball) sukan no 1, antara sekolah tinggi pun ada live seminggu lebih. Dia org cukup bangga dgn player dia yg main kat major league selalu tunjuk dlm news kalah menang belakang kira janji player dia dapat pukul. Sakka sukan no 2, menjadi impian player setiap sek tinggi nak main final 1 jan setiap tahun ada live seluruh negara

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