Cerita pasal public speaking..


Yeay! End of the semester is just around the corner. This also means final projects are due. Out of the 4 final projects I’ll be submitting, 2 of them require oral presentation. Oral presentation? Macam pernah ku dengar, tapi di mana ya? Yes, it’s our best friend, public speaking.

Try asking the person next to you, what is his top 10 fear factor. You’ll definitely find public speaking somewhere in the list. Usually among the top 3. Hmm, interesting…

Over the years, I’ve given a handful of presentations and I’ve learned to overcome the fear bit by bit. However, I’ve to admit that I’m not a natural speaker. Ingat lagi masa present final project di Salford dulu, sy hampir2 terjatuh disebabkan terlampau nervous 😉 . Malu weh! Rasa macam tak nak buat presentation lagi. However, having to realize the importance of public speaking , I was really determined to conquer it. Tapi, camna yer?

Based on what I’ve learned (and still learning) and experienced over the past few years (especially during the last 12 months) :

  • For a start, know your stuff really, really well (I mean it)
    It really helps if you understand your materials in and out. Say for example you’re stuck or are experiencing the ‘brain freeze’ scenario during the presentation, you can ‘goreng’ a little bit mengenai hal2 yang sewaktu dengannya while you’re trying to figure out what actually you want to say.
  • Practice, practice, practice
    Usually speaking in front of the mirror will do the trick for me (while you’re at it, you can elevate your confident by self-admiring your handsomeness/beautifulness, wakaka)
  • And oh yeah! During the presentation, don’t forget to take a deep breath once in a while.
    Do breath or I’m certain something bad will happen to you. But once in a while, take a deep breath so that your brain will receive a sufficient amount of oxygen. Based on my personal experience, it helps to reduce my nervousness or kata orang Aloq Setaq, ketaq lutut 🙂 .

2 responses to “Cerita pasal public speaking..

  1. Selalunya bila tengok orang bercakap di atas pentas, nampak macam senang. Mulalah rasa kita pun boleh juga. Tapi bila masa kita di atas pentas, perasan gemuruh tu datang tiba-tiba saja. Nway, tenkiu for the tips.

  2. Interesting entry. But what I like the most is the second point “…while you’re at it, you can elevate your confident by self-admiring your handsomeness/beautifulness”. Huhu.

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