Sejuk, grrrr…..

Adus, sejuk la minggu nie. Kesian Atiqah, pagi2 kena pergi school. Daun2 pun semua dah luruh. Nampak gersang jer desa Troy ni. Sekarang, 4.30 petang dah gelap. Boleh dilanda winter depression camni. The common symptoms: sadness, anxiety and loss of interest in activities. For now, tak ada laie dijangkiti virus nie 😉 . It may sounds funny but over here, on average annualy 6-7% of the population will be experiencing it.

 Nway, the good news is according to the weather prediction, maybe Ahad ni boleh main snow. Yeay! Now, if I can just remember where did I keep my snowboard? Wakakaka. Mimpi la nak master main snowboard tu. Jatuh memanjang…


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