Petua menulis karangan sekolah :)

Semenjak sy masuk sekolah balik tahun lepas, sy banyak menulis semula. Sebelum ini, penulisan sy lebih terarah kepada menulis untuk web. Writing for web is rather easy. You start off by creating a meaningful header, put the content in chunks or present them in list. Dah siap.

Over here, all assignments must be at least 1o pages and above. Ouch! Mulalah gabra. Camna nak cari idea nak tulis banyak camtu? Kalau boleh guna font size 96, double spacing lagi sure tak ada masalah 🙂 . So, I struggled a bit at first. Then on one fine sunny day last spring, my kind professor gave me one very good tip on writing.

Katanya, mula2 make sure kita dah ada idea apa yang nak ditulis. Lepas tu sit down in front of the pc and start scribbling apa saja yang terlintas di minda. Don’t pay much attention to detail. Just ignore any grammatical or comprehension errors.

Once you’re done, reread the article a couple of time sambil2 betulkan atau tambah apa yang patut. Dah tu, save and close the file. Go do something else. Anything at all, watch tv, play with your kids etc.

Magisnya masa ni idea untuk menulis pasal artikel tadi tu akan datang. Kira cam ilham gitu (novelis yang sorang tu bila agaknya nak dapat ilham, novel #3 cam tersangkut je 😉 ) . Reason being, there is still some cognitive residue left in our head which makes our mind to think back about the article.

After 1 or 2 hours,head back to the pc and suddenly you will notice that your fingers just can’t stop dancing on the keyboards. Try it. Works wonder for me 😉 . Tapi kalau dah pukul 6 nak kena hantar assignment, pukul 4 jangan lepak2 lak, contoh macam menulis entri di blog, wakakaka. Adus, tinggal lagi 2 jam before deadline. Chiow…

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