Let it snow…

Here it comes. The first big winter storm ever to hit Troy this year. According to the weatherman, it’s likely to be between 3 to 6 inches. I had a field day with my camera today. Unfortunately my Atiqah is out sick today. Hopefully she’ll feel better soon. Then, we’ll have our own snowball fight. Yeay! 😀 .



2 responses to “Let it snow…

  1. hi…
    Troy..What a beautiful place. You took great pictures. What camera did you use?

    Myself will be going to the State sometimes in August. I got admitted to UPenn. (tajaan JPA juga..)

    • Hi Donna, thanks for the kind words. I’m using Olympus e-500. If you’re interested of getting one yourself, you might want to wait till you reach the States. The price of SLRs is cheaper by 10 – 15% over there.

      As for your UPenn’s admission, congratulations! I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time over there. I did! 🙂 . While you’re there don’t forget to travel around. I especially love the lakes!

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