Hmmm, I’m not too sure…


Kelas Social Impact on Electronic Media tengahari tadi membincangkan mengenai buku ini, The Cult of The Amateur – How today’s internet is killing our culture. Di era Web 2.0, di mana user-generated content seperti blog & wikipedia dan social networking sites like Facebook & Friendster menjadi tersangatlah popular a.k.a. meletup!, penulis mempersoalkan tentang bagaimana laman2 ini sedang menggugat the credibility and trustworthiness of the kind of unfiltered information we get from the Net.

In a way, mungkin ada benarnya pendapat beliau. Tapi bila difikirkan mengenai kelebihan Internet berbanding kekurangannya, does it matter THAT much? For me, Internet or the web is just another tool or medium for disseminating information, same like print publications and media broadcasting.

We, as human beings – blessed with intellectual abilities, have the freedom to choose what to read and what to believe and what not to. We are intelligent enough to decide between right and wrong based on our good judgment. To simply blame the Internet on the subject matter is rather lame to me…


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