Satu Pagi di Troy…


5 responses to “Satu Pagi di Troy…

  1. Subhanallah… Nice pictures…

  2. Khairil, nice shots! Boleh bg tips tak kalau nak ambil gambar ada salji? Selalu dpt gambar tak begitu memuaskan. Sedih.

    Nak guna setting apa yg plg sesuai? The ISO? WB? Aperture?

    And last pic. tu guna direct flash ke?

  3. Thanks Fajar. Gambar2 ni sy amik awal pagi, dlm pukul 7.30 gitu – that’s why nampak bluish skit. Lights will be softer, snow remains untouched as well and if you notice, the top branches was exposed to some early morning sunlight. It added a little bit of dramatic element to the picturesque scenery.

    As for ISO, it was set to 200 – rasanya better add another 100 to it, WB Auto, F6.3 and with built-in flash fired. Correct me if I’m wrong, your piece is D80 kan? I’m not sure whether the same setting can be applied (sy pakai Oly e-500), tapi why not just just give it a try first. Hopefully it will work out well, Insya Allah.

    Btw, I found out that by focusing on a dark spot first rather than directly on to the snow helps to prevent overexposure. Just my 2 cents.

  4. subhanallah, cantiknya!

  5. thanks for the tips khairil!
    insya Allah, boleh dimanfaatkan ilmu yg diberi ni.

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