President’s Day…


It’s President’s Day today. This can only mean one thing. School is closed ๐Ÿ™‚ . As much as I LOVE going to classes etc ๐Ÿ˜‰ , a day off before my mid term exam is welcomed with open arms. Tambah pula sekarang tengah hujan kat Troy, sambil pekena mihun goreng & french vanilla cappuccino, not bad gak ๐Ÿ˜€ . Thanks Ayu!

Talking about President, it seems that the race to become the candidates (Democratic and Republican) for the oval office is well on its way. Actually, no matter who get elected, history is already in the making.

Come this November, Americans for the first time in the history will have either a woman (Hillary Clinton), an African American (Barack Obama) or the most senior candidate ever (John McCain, 71) as their President. Ronald Reagan was 69 years old when he assumed the post as the 40th US President on Jan 20, 1981.

Currently, all of these hopeful candidates are rather busy with their daily speeches to convince the good people of America to elect them to the White House. Favorite topics range from domestic affairs such as health care and the supposedly economy downturn situation while as for the foreign issues, the most popular is definitely the Iraq war.

From time to time, the candidates will face each other on a heated debate broadcasts live to the public. One thing for sure, all of them can pitch. I really mean it. They are good speaker, knowledgeable as well. More than that, almost all are charismatic. I strongly suggest for those of you who are interested to improve your public speaking skills, do follow these debates. They are currently available on YouTube…

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