Spring Break…

Grafton Lake (May ’07)

Nowadays, 6:30 am in Troy is like 8:00 am in Malaysia, shine and bright. Good morning, America! However come fortnight, it’ll be back to normal again when we have to set the clock 1 hour forward (Daylight Saving Time). This also means one thing, spring is in the air! Maybe I should start putting all the winter hoodies and coats away. Three months of grueling winter can be unbearable sometimes. Sejukkkk…

Oh yeah, RPI will close for Spring Break next week. This week-long recess seems like a huge thing among college students here. There will be a LOT of traveling involved. Some of them will make the long journeys to South Beach (Miami), Acapulco (Mexico) and Cancun (Mexico). Macam best kan? Unfortunately my hands are tied with assignments and final projects to even think about it. Sigh… Tak pa2, kita tunggu cuti2 Malaysia pula bila balik nanti 🙂 .


One response to “Spring Break…

  1. alangkah bestnya kalau glasgow pun sepanas itu di musim bunga. skrg ni, gloomy je.

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