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Spring @ RPI


Doctoral Defense…

No, not for me 😀 . Well, not yet however. I just got back from attending a doctoral defense by one of my department’s PhD students who happens to be a friend of mine. Since I never attended one before this, I guessed it’ll be useful and beneficial for me to be there. I bet it’ll be a good exposure.

Prior to attending this morning session, I have always imagined that doctoral defense will be somewhat like the BBC’s ‘Hardtalk’ where the person who is sitting at the end of the chair will be grilled like there’s no tomorrow 🙂 . But to my suprise, the session today was quite laid back. It’s just like a normal presentation that you would usually deliver in front of a small group of people.

The atmosphere was very relaxed. Of course, there were some presentation protocols need to be addressed accordingly but they were the usual stuffs anyway, like introduction of the research followed by the hypothesis, the research methodologies, research analysis, the findings and finally some conclusion and some projected future works.

At the end of the presentation, came the Q & A session. Even the questions were not that hard based on my personal judgement. They were more like just to clarify and confirm some of the findings of the research. Most likely this is because all the committee members have been actively involved with the student’s research and they know about it in and out. I guessed this is why it is important to keep a good relationship with your supervisor and the committee members through out your years as a PhD student.

Right after the session ended (it took around 45 minutes), we were asked to leave the room for the committee members to discuss the outcome and the verdict (the session was conducted in one of the focus rooms). While we were standing outside, she said something which I think she’s been waiting to utter ever since she set foot at the department 4 years ago; “I’m DONE!’ 😀 . Overall, she did very well in her presentation.

After a few minutes waiting eagerly outside the room, finally the chair person of the committee members (he’s the department’s head) opened the door. I noticed a huge smile on his face. As he invited my friend back into the room, he profusedly congratulated her and repeatedly shaking her hand. Well, I believe you know what the final verdict was 😀 …

Kanak2 Ribena :)

End of the semester deliverables

End of semester means final projects and reports are due. Mine are all due on Monday 4/28/2008. Yes, ALL of them. Wow! No wonder I’m supa dupa busy this weekend 🙂 . But just look on the bright side, after that, I’m DONE with my MSc 😀 .

  • PWD’s website redesign final report 1:41 pm, 20080426
  • CKUB’s intranet redesign final report 3:49 pm, 20080426
  • Studio Design in HCI’s final report 1:41 pm, 20080428
  • Social Impact on Electronic Media’s final exam 1:12 pm, 20080428

* Update: Alhamdullilah, semuanya dah selesai. Yeay!

LG Aloha!

Memula cadangnya, sy nak beli walkie talkie je sepasang untuk road trip USA 7 hari 7 malam bulan depan (masa parents sy datang), tp bila pikir balik, baik beli cell phone je satu lagi. Kalau sesak2, boleh guna untuk check email atau main games 😀 . Lagipun antena walkie talkie tu sikit punya panjang, macam kureng je bila nak bawak berjalan.

Jadinya, dua hari lepas sy singgah di Masa memula datang sini dulu, first day sy dah sambar satu, K10 Royale. Tp memang tak user friendly langsung – usability memang totally out. So, kali ini nak cari yg berjenis skit ler. Lagipun my better half yang akan guna phone ni. Nak le yg nampak ayu skit 😀 .

Dah puas mencari , dapat la LG Aloha ni (criterias: small and of course cheap – bukannya boleh pakai kat Malaysia pun lepas ni). Harga cell phone $15.00 (dapat bonus airtime $17.50). Ini sudah bagus, kira dapat free – siap untung $2.50 lagi). Terus sy beli satu. Petang tadi, UPS dah selamat hantar rumah.

Yes, selepas puas membelek sana sini, it is totally much better berbanding ngan K10. Senang la skit lepas ni masa nak berjalan, tambah2 kalau nak ke Woodbury yang sebesar2 outlet tu…

Senja di Troy…

Kasih Abah, Cinta Mama…