It’s 12:42 in the morning now and here I am writing this long-awaited entry in the comfort of a studio suite somewhere in Boston (thanks to Hotwire for the ridiculous discount given by them 🙂 ) . With $36 a night for a 3-star hotel, I definitely have no qualm what so ever except for of course, bebanyak terima kasih 😀 .

Allright, moving on. Ever since my final semester ended a few days back, I’ve been keeping tab on my degree status via RPI’s student portal on a daily basis. Risau gak, mana tau ada course yang tersangkut ataupun ada hold yang belum diselesaikan. Dah tak boleh walk on commencement day pula nanti…

For the past last 3 months, my degree status was PRC which stands for ‘Preliminarily Cleared’ . It basically means that my degree requirements will be met upon successful completion of this semester’s coursework and exam.

And boy, was I excited to find out just now that they have changed my status from PRC to CLR for ‘Cleared for the degree and all degree requirements are satisfied’. Alhamdulillah. No more sleepless nights…


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