Harga sebuah pengorbanan…

Ever since I accidentally found his fotopages, I’ve religiously been following his ever interesting and wonderful works. Apart from learning from the great photog himself of the tips and tricks of great photography, every now and then he takes time to share with others about his success story. His latest entry seems to sum up best of all the sacrifices he have to take and make to be where he is today. Kudos to him…


2 responses to “Harga sebuah pengorbanan…

  1. wowww…thanks for appreciating me like that. I’m not worthy. I’m just writing for some people that can see it through a good angle and make it positive. Thanks, I’m flattered!

  2. Yes, SN. Keep up the good works! Believe it or not, you’re one of the aspiring role models for people who are looking for someone that has achieved success in his life at such a young age.

    Btw, bila nak ke US lak? Banyak peluang kat sini…

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