Back from hiatus!

Salam to all! I know it has been a while since I last penned out my thought. Just blame it to the hectic schedules I’ve to endure ever since coming back home, and oh yes, no streamyx one at my house 😦 .

What no INTERNET? Oh TIDAK!!! Tak tercapai dek akal. Tak boleh jadi cam gini. Must get connected, no matter what. So after spending a couple of months hunting in and out, up and down for the right wireless broadband, I finally settled for Izzi. So, do look forward for my posts in near futur. See ya soon!


2 responses to “Back from hiatus!

  1. Salam,
    Abang Khairil…huh! hiatus sampai tiga bulan…puas tunggu ingatkan tak nak update blog dah!

    Ada kata prof.norzaidi terserempak abang dan isteri serta anak-anak di klinik. Tapi dia tak tegur masa itu..

    Salam ramadhan.

  2. Salam Ramadhan Aliff,

    Bukannya dah tak nak update. Cuma kesibukkan yang mencemburui. Tambah pula tak ada internet connection di rumah. Nak update blog di office, rasa cam tak sesuai lak. Tp tak apa, sekarang Insya Allah, blog akan sentiasa diupdate 🙂 .


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