Kisah Anak Perantau (Part 2) …

1996 – 1998
After spending a wonderful and exciting year at NCUK, finally the time has arrived for me to pursue my life-long dream of embarking on a new journey studying in UK.

My destination? University of Salford, Manchester. Initially I opted for Liverpool John Moores University, but when the news leaked out to my father, right away by using his VETO power, he forced me to switch to the former, huhu.

Remember, LIVERPOOL “You’ll never walk alone”? Awal2 lagi my dad dah tahu, kalau ke Liverpool, bila masa anaknya nak studi ni. Asyik layan bola lak nanti 🙂 .

Jadinya, on September ’96 I boarded my first flight ever to Heathrow (do I need to stress how excited I was the night before, sampai tak boleh tidur? 🙂 ) . True enough, UK to me was everything like I ever dreamed of before I step my feet there. On my second day there, I was at Anfield ! A week after, I was riding the Big One at Blackpool.

Moving on. Over the next 2 years, I experienced the ups and downs as a student. Mind you, Internet was still at infancy during those years. Infact Larry and Sergey has just began working on their earth-shattering search engine project at Stanford, little known back then as Backrub. Later it was somehow renamed “Google” (rasa2 macam pernah dengar jer, tp kat mana yer? ) .  But, IRC was big at that time. So, kalau time2 tension dengan assignments tu, IRC le jawabnya…

During 1996/1998, I stayed at Bramhall Court. School is just 20 minutes walk from it. Although it may seems that far, but luckily for me, the temp of the unpredictable and gloomy weather of City of Manchester never seems to go above 17C during the fall and spring seasons, so it was a breeze walking to the classes. Makan? Yup, masak sendiri selalunya. Twice a month, I would travel to Chettam Hill along with my house mates to get our food ration.

Later on, after a year at Bramhall Court, I moved to a four-bedroom house located just a stone-throw away from the Theater of Dream, Thus, a once a week trip to the Man Utd’s Megastore soon become a ritual thingy for me, huhu.

Kebetulan, masa tu Beckham tengah glamer habis. During game days, he would stay outside for a while after arriving at the stadium before changing into his famous no “7” jersey to sign autographs for the fans. Needless to say, I was once of them 🙂 .


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