Google’s Chrome is out!

I know sooner or later, Google will somehow come out with their own Internet browser. And true enough, last week, the great people at Google announced the released of a new open source browser, named Chrome.

My first impression by simply glancing at it? Simple and intuitive. The dev team adopted the same minimalist principle just like the ever-dependable and powerful, the stripped-down Google’s home page. Overall user experience? Bak kata En Borat, I like! Definitely positive. Thumbs up!

And best of all? The “Most Visited” feature which appear when you press the new tab. The information space will displays a snapshot thumbnails of the most visited pages. Visualization rules!

Heck, even the introductory manual is presented in a comic-book type. How cool is that?

One response to “Google’s Chrome is out!

  1. Lama sangat tak menjengah ke sini. Selamat berpuasa Khairil! with the positive comments from you about chrome – nampak gaya kena trylah! what happen to RAKAN today? tak boleh bukak.

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