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Kisah Anak Perantau (Part 3) …

1998 – 2006
Soon after I got back from UK, I began my next phase of life working with one of the construction firms at Alor Setar. I didn’t spend that much time over there because starting March 1999, I secured a post as a Quantity Surveyor with the largest technical agency overseeing the infrastructure development in Malaysia (hint2).

Thus, along with my sweet Kancil, I traveled back to the metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur after being away from her for a few years. My destination? Keramat AU3. Tak lama tinggal kat sana, kurang lebih 4 months before I moved back to stay in Shah Alam, somewhere around Seksyen 25.

2 years later, once again I packed up my things and moved to Seksyen 6. Kenapa ye? I got married to my high-school sweetheart 🙂 . Ada la lebih kurang 4 tahun, we stayed there. Mind you, we were both fit that time around. Mana taknya, since our apartment was at the 5th floor, tiap2 hari kena menapak naik tangga, huhu.

Tak leh jadi camni, kena cari rumah lain. So, when my application for a spot at Kuarters Kediaman Kakitangan Kerajaan, Jalan Duta was approved in late 2004, needless to say, 2 days after receiving the keys, terus kami masuk kuarters. BESAR okay apartment tu. Boleh main futsal. Just imagine having to move from a 2-bedroom apartment to a stupendous, gigantice, enourmous 4-bedroom apartment, rasa macam pindah masuk dalam dewan lak 🙂 .

By that time around, my career has taken a major turn from good to better…