What a lovely, lovely night for the Reds’ fans!

Phew! Finally after waiting for more that four years and nine encounters in the Premiership, we (huhu), I meant Liverpool managed to put all the miseries of becoming the second best every time the team faced the Red Devils. Frankly speaking, after horridly watching how cool Tevez converted a perfect pass from his new team mate, Berbatov early in the game, I was quietly saying to myself, “Oh no! Not again”  with my head down, shaking in disbelief…

But, as they always say, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. It was indeed very uncharacteristic (or unfortunate if I may say) of Van Der Saar to let the equalizer went in that nature. And the winning goal by Babel will definitely put some smiles on the Reds’ fans, or at least we have something to brag about before the next returning game at the Theater of Dreams 🙂 .

O, how I wished I was there at the Kop’s end to celebrate the winning with all the Scousers…


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