Daily Archives: September 21, 2008

Me as UX designer

It has been 3 months now since I’m back to work. How time flies. I’m still into web development and web apps just like before. Previously, given the options, it was web apps all the way for me rather than web site . I could just zoom in on finding the right solution without worrying too much about the aesthetics value and the overall look and feel.

This approach suits me well as it is undoubtedly the most realistically sensible route considering my technical background. Problem solving always comes first, design makeover can take a back seat. But wait! Isn’t design itself is a problem-solving process. Hmmm, something to ponder upon…

However, it all changed for the better when I pursued my studies at RPI. The education helped to to realize something big when it comes to designing for the users. In today’s information-hunger society, in order for product to stand out among others, functionality and usability must blend together. That’s a no-brainer, you may say. But to top things off, we need to create that right user experience.

Opps, no. We can’t create the user experience, instead what we can do is to create the artifacts which can help us to deliver the user experience. And to achieve that, you can’t afford to focus just on the trees. Once in a while we need to pull out and observe the forest for holistic views…