Day 2 of ASC’s workshop

I’m now at Giat Mara, Alor Star for the Asean Skills Competition’s workshop week. Initially, I thought this training will be held at POLIMAS, nasib baik double check dulu sebelum bertolak ke Jitra semalam. For those of you who are familiar with Bandaraya Alor Star (yes, you read it correctly, Bandaraya Alor Setar), Giat Mara is located just a walking distance away from rumah our former PM, Che Det. Ala, dekat dengan kilang ais tu 🙂 .

Nway, back to the training. It started around 9:00-ish this morning. And guess when did I depart from my parents house at Taman Rakyat, which is like 10 km away? 8:45 pagi. Yes, it only took 15 minutes for a 10 km drive. Try do that in Kay Ell. Tak dapat beb 🙂 . Tp walau cam manapun, nampak gaya kat pekan Aloq Staq ni, opps silap, Bandaraya Aloq Staq kereta pun dah semakin banyak. Sibuk la skit banding dengan dulu. Yelah kan, zaman dah berubah, dunia dah maju…


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