Day 3 of ASC’s workshop

The workshop at Giat Mara, Alor Setar continues today with some serious stuffs about PHP codings, CSS dan kawasan2 yang sewaktu dengannya. For the past two days, I’ve guided our trainee thru all the design and interaction design principles which mostly I learned from my years at RPI ( * yawn2, BOOOring 🙂 ). To top things off, yesterday we applied all the guidelines to come up with the mock-up designs for the homepage and internal page to be used for the competition later next month.

As for now, we are slicing things up using CSS and do some PHP coding. It’s time to get geeky 😀 . Our expert for today who is also my friend arrived from Kay Ell via the last flight from KLIA last nite. His level of expertise in PHP: Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Peringkat Terulung @ Master Sifu. Reason being he prefers to hand code all his stuffs using text editor rather than going for Dreamweaver snippets. How cool is that, huh?

Definitely I will learn some useful things from him today…


One response to “Day 3 of ASC’s workshop

  1. Ayien,
    Aku terserempak your pages from Azam’s.


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