Happy Birthday, Spidey Boy!

Happy 5th Birthday Aqif! 🙂

Our youngest member of the family celebrated his 5th birthday last night. And he’s a happy boy when he woke up this morning. All thanks to Pak Su and Auntie Nana who bought him Ben Wolf as his birthday present. Not forgetting to Mama’s friends for all the wonderful gifts and presents. Aqif birthday cake for his 5th birthday? A Secret Recipe’s Chocolate Indulgence with Batman’s pic on top of it…

Last nite’s event was also a test-run for us to find out whether it’s permissible for us to hold an open house originally scheduled for next Saturday. Bila semua dah berkumpul (ada la dalam 12 orang), the living room nampak macam tak muat jer… Cam na nie?


3 responses to “Happy Birthday, Spidey Boy!

  1. Wah buat open house ke? Spread your guess, make few sessions…

    Nway, happy birthday to your hero!

  2. Belum lagi. Yang tu baru dry run. Sebelum ini ada gak cadang nak panggil berperingkat, tp letih lak nak mengemas nanti 🙂

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