Phew, TGIF…

I’m just glad the weekend is just around the corner. A hectic week indeed…

What a way to start off the week.  I dived in right into the thick of the action. From early morning till late afternoon, I was supa dupa busy with all the last minute preparations for the QSIC and Eid Fitri scheduled for Tuesday/Wednesday and Thursday/Friday respectively.

At 8:30 in the morning while listening to my iPod, I found myself going round and round in circle trying to find my way to Istana Hotel. Why oh why we can’t use Google Maps or Yahoo Maps in Malaysia? I really miss that. The odd of me getting lost here in Malaysia is much2 greater than me finding ways to Ground Zero in New York City. Perhaps it’s about time for me to invest in Garmin…

This year QSIC was like any other QSICs I have attented prior to this. I was inside the hall for barely 1/2 hour  before I found myself quietly exited the convention hall using the back door hoping to catch some of my friends.

Yup, true enough. I found a few of them were busy gossiping (errr, among the topics were issues on contract procedures and IBS) somewhere at the back while enjoying some hot coffee (most likely to help them stay awake on that Tuesday morning) . Sudahnya, sampai ke petang kami layan berborak.

There I was standing handsomely 😀 in my baju melayu johor (kaler purple you) trying to act busy and important as the Chief of Penyambut Tetamu for Majlis Eid Fitri, hehehe. Actually, I was supposed to attend PTK’s workshop that morning, but I requested to be excused for the morning part  (yup, believe it or not, it’ll be my first PTK ever next Tuesday at PICC).

I saw lots of familiar faces especially those who retired while I was buat2 busy burying myself in all the thick books of web usability and user experience design at RPI. It was good to actually spend some quality times talking with some of them. Nway, I noticed something quite prevalent. Those retirees looks much2 more happier now than before. Why aaa? Errr, stress factor maybe?

Anyway, as soon as the event ended around 1:00-ish yesterday, I changed back to my normal office attire (ye lah, takkan nak bersampin lak attend kursus tak? Kursus kahwin pun orang tak pakai cam gitu) and off I went to the PTK’s workshop.

At first cuak juga sikit2 nak amik exam ni, tapi lepas dengar some explanations for the lecturer, I’m beginning to get some clear picture of what I will be facing with in the exam hall next week.

So, wish me all the best!


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