Top Ten Places to visit…

This post is dedicated to my sis and her family who are now residing somewhere in Rochester, NY. Boleh dijadikan panduan masa nak gi jalan2 nanti 😉 …

During the 2 years time in the States, there were a couple of things which basically prevented us from exploring the nature to the fullest. Err, make it 3 things.

One was definitely classes. Second got to be what usually comes after each class, assignments and final projects. And the last one which was a no-brainer, money, money & money. But still, when opportunities knocked, off we went with our rented cars (thanks Enterprise for the supa dupa cheap weekend rates).

So, here are the top ten places in the States that will always be there in our memories…

  • Bennington, VT
    This quiet and serene small town went straight to the top due to its sentimental value it brings to our family. We were there in late autumn of 2007, just 2 days after we celebrated Eid Fitri. The scenery was just too majestic. You simply can’t afford to miss the fall foliage at Bennington. We really had a lots of fun on that wonderful day…
  • Disneyworld & Universal Studios Orlando, FL
  • Key West, FL
  • Boston, MA
  • Chicago, IL
  • New Haven, CT
  • New York City, NY
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Niagara Falls, NY
  • Grafton Lake, NY

So, there you go. And err, kalau pi jalan2 tu, jangan lupa beli fridge magnets aaa. Duit nanti claim kat Puan Manager Kacip Emas kita tu…


4 responses to “Top Ten Places to visit…

  1. many list. owh..kacip first i baca kicap ( rindu plak kat kicap m’sia sebab kicap sini tak best ok)

    can you provide contact number etc of your frens there esp abg amir & family ( to pass things ordered fm m’sia), cause we plan to go there this fall break. tq

  2. New Haven, a university town, made it to the top ten?

    Hmmm… I wonder why…

  3. Nisa’,

    Kalau nak ordar kicap senang jer. Masuk web nie: dan teruskan dengan pesanan anda. Kicap Udang pun ada. Tapi harga ikut standard US la.

    Btw, nanti abang cari add & phone Abang Amir kat NJ tu. Best pi rumah depa, ada backyard cantik. NYC pun dalam 30 minit jer…

  4. Gurindam Jiwa,

    Exactly. New Haven is a peaceful university town, home to Yale. Apa yang bestnya pasal tempat ni? Kisahnya, since both my wife and I were into Gilmore Gills so much, and since Rory went to Yale so err, that’s it…

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