Laa, awat jadi lagu tu?

Usually when I’m handed another web project, I’ll start off the whole nine yards by tackling the usual discovery stuffs first. You know, get to know the users, what are their requirements and bla2. Once I’ve covered that part, comes the funnnn part which is doing the mock up design. And usually I would prepare 3 designs for my clients to choose from.

Nak dijadikan cerita, ada la kurang lebih 2 bulan lepas sy kena siapkan satu projek ni. Okay, dua minggu lepas tu, 3 design siap untuk dipilih. ‘Client’ berkenan dengan design yang satu ni. “Aight, gimme a few weeks to complete this project”, kata saya.

So today was d Day which I presented the completed web to this ‘Client’. You know what happened?

“Emmm, saya tak mau design nie la. Boleh tukar design lain tak?

HALOOOOOO????!!!!!! I rest my case 😦 ….

Sabaq Ayien, Sabaq. Tarik nafas panjang2. Dunia oh dunia…


2 responses to “Laa, awat jadi lagu tu?

  1. Welcome to the real world. That’s why some of us would show our portfolio first. Then, if interested, we’ll ask for some advanced non-refundable fee.

    Of course, it is easier said than done.

    And there’ll be more horror stories as you go along. It is part of the game called experience.

  2. True2, lesson learned.

    And the best part was I even produced my notes which shows in black and white regarding ‘Mr Client”s decision to pick the design that I did.

    All I got back was just a poker face. Geram2. Sabar Ayien, Sabar…

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