Orang tengah…

When news broke out in late 2005/early 2006 that I’ll be heading to the States to do Technical Communication, frankly speaking some were rather skeptical about it.

I don’t blame them though. They couldn’t find the connection (just yet). Furthermore, the field is rather new in our country although the it’s an established field in US.

So, in late summer of 2006, off I flew to a small town in NY State with full determination in my mind to learn every single thing that’s available under the sky about Tech Comm and later on bring them back to share with others.

Well, now we’re in the month of November. Meaning that it’s been 5 months I’m been back to work. And I’m glad to say that my colleagues began to acknowledge the importance of Tech Comm. Almost every week, I would be invited to become ‘orang tengah’ in meetings or to be part of various IT projects.

Okay just imagine this scenario. On one side, you have the clients trying their best to voice out their requirements for an upcoming online application (seriously, it’s the in thing nowadays if you haven’t realized it). Like we want this and we want that in the system. And on the other hand, we have the IT people (usually the programmers) who are trying the best as well to understand what on earth are the clients talking about.

And most of times, it feels like watching and hearing two groups of people trying to communicate with each others using two totally different languages. This is when Tech Comm people comes in. Our main task is usually to facilitate the communication process and to make sure everybody’s interpretion of the matters which are being discussed are spot on. We’ll look at the forest and the trees before coming up with solutions that would satisfy all parties involved.

So those of you, my dear readers who are interested in finding out more about Tech Comm, feels free to contact me. I would love to share my knowledge with you. You won’t be dissapointed…


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