Busy week, yes?

Yes indeed. Two events and one major redesign project…

Last Saturday, I went outing with two of my senior colleagues to Port Klang and Kay Ell to capture some pics for ASC ’08. Managed to shoot some good ones. We spent the whole day on Sunday editing to photos and fine tuning the agenda for the competition. Ouch, where did my weekend go?

The actual competition will start on this coming Friday till Sunday. Habis ASC, on Monday morning, I’ll be traveling to JB for my department’s Hari Q. Will be there for 2 days. Usually I would take Ayu and the kids together, but since I’ll be busy with the event, rasa bersalah pula nanti nak tinggalkan three of them kat bilik. Jadinya, pergi sorang2 kali ni. Lagipun kan vroom, vroom kaler merah tu dah ada depan mata, hehe…

Once I’m back from JB, I should be channelling all my attention on my branch’s web redesign project. This is definitely the important project I’ve ever been into. The great thing is that this time around I got a complete web team to tackle this major task. Heck, we even planned for a week-long usability testing.

How kewl is that, huh? Nway, I’m confident my team will be able to deliver the final product by the deadline. Let’s hope for the best, shall we?


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