Life goes on…

While I was doing my groceries yesterday, my ears caught the unmistakable voice of Chris Daughtry, singing one of my fav’s tunes; Home. Time stood still for a while. The memories of Troy came rushing in. Fast. Really fast…

Over there, life was pretty simple and laid back.  Don’t get me wrong though. When it comes to assignments, the inevitable tons and tons of reading materials and final projects, those I never took for granted.

The thing is most of the time I was doing them at the comfort of our home, with the three of them always there, beside me. Surrounded by my beloved family; Ayu, Atiqah and Aqif. Watching my little prince and princess growing up.

Fast forward to the month of November ’08. Here I am, away from my family (yet again). Since coming back, career-wise, it has been wonderful to me. It’s like just what I’ve imagined before. Doing the things I loved the most. Even having funs while I’m at it. But then…

Last night when I got back home from ASC (it was around 8:00pm), my dearest daughter walked slowly to me and asked,

“Abah, what day is today?”

I replied back, “It’s Sunday, kakak”

“Then, why did you go to work? Sunday is your day off right?”

Ayu is always irritated at me for having (or pretending to have) all the answers for all the the questions. But last night, I was just lost for words… 😦


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