Wireless di Jay Bee

I’m surprised. This is the first time ever the hotel I’m staying in let their guests use the wireless internet for free. FOC. And it’s not slow either. 2Mb in less than 1 minutes. Impressive!

I’m here in Jay Bee for my department’s Hari Q. The events started today but since I was on duty for last weekend’s ASC so I was excussed. Btw, they’ll be announcing the result for this year’s web design competition. Best of luck, you guys! Let’s keep the trophy for another year shall we? 😉


2 responses to “Wireless di Jay Bee

  1. Hotel apa tu? Last month i pi tidoq kat M_Suite infront of Danga Bay, pun ada free-wifi. Tengoklah kot, mana hotel yang prihatin. Mana yg besaq-besaq tu ber”kira” laa… e.g Shangri-la, Istana semua wifi kena charge.

  2. Naza Hotel kat Tanjung Puteri. Even the room is comfortable as well. Okey juga 🙂

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