Training of Trainers

I’m at Langkawi now. Bukan bercuti2 Malaysia aaa, I’m attending a workshop for TOT (Training of Trainers). Modulnya? Integriti Pejawat Awam. Before I was here last Monday, rasa macam biasa2 jer. Tak la excited sangat nak attend. But after day two, I’m just glad I was given the opportunity to attend this bengkel…

Aight, just imagine this scene for a while. On one fine Monday morning, your boss calls you and says,

“Esok tolong ganti tempat sy bagi ceramah pasal Surat Aku Janji. Sy ada meeting urgent di Putrajaya.”

What will be the first thing that runs through your mind? I’m quite certain some of you might scratch your heads a few times wondering how on earth are you going to keep your audience concentrate for 2 straight hours for a talk on this subject. And you might be considered lucky if half of the class is still awake at the end of the lecture.

But, for these pros from IIM, I’m telling you guys, they really impressed me. One, they are well-versed about their subjects. Second, almost all them have at least 20 years of experience under their belts, and the best thing of all, they are really super awesome as public speakers. I mean, really2 good okay! They sure can talk. No doubt about it…


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