Eff Bee anyone?

Hands up for those of you who are so into Eff Bee nowadays. Huih, ramainya.

Rasa-rasanya kenapa ye Ef Bee tersangat popular sekarang? Based on my limited knowledge on human psychology, interaction designs, affective computing and design principles, senang cakap HCI’s view, Zuckerberg and his team succeed in tackling the MOST important aspect when it comes to designing successful products. And you may ask yourself, “What might that be?” …

Okay, before I answer that, hands up again for those who use Google on daily basis and of course can’t live without Gmail or Google Readers. Why Google? Why not the other search engines? What do these two successful companies (Eff Bee and Google) have in common? What could be that MOST important distinctive reason?

I believe the answer resides on the first item on Google’s corporate philosophy…

Focus on the user and all else will follow

So, there you go. And, let’s go back to the Eff Bee thingy. Why it is getting so ever popular with people all over the world?

  • It focuses on the main goal of the user i.e. to get connected with others in a conducive environment while operating in an effective and efficient manner
  • The ads are unobtrusive ie no distracting banners filled with bells and whistles
  • It adapts well to changes and listen to the users needs ie remember the Beacon fiasco?
  • The ever reliable “Ignore All” button, hehehe…

And yes, please add me as your friend. The more the merrier 😉 …


2 responses to “Eff Bee anyone?

  1. My Hands Are Up!
    Interesting, i thought no body uses google reader daily like i do… and let’s not forget gmail of course :p. The reader makes it damn easy to keep track of oth ppl blogs n stuff, like urs.

    But facebook ain’t my thing. If it weren’t becoz of my frens, foes and family are also using, I mostly certainly not.

  2. Yep, I guess you assumed correctly about the point you made about reader. Not many are aware how useful and beneficial it is for avid blog readers eps here in Malaysia. Just imagine, kalau every morning nak kena visit at least 20 blogs , mau amik 1/2 hour nak open satu2 😉 …

    As for facebook, my take is most likely it’s the best avenue so far to connect and interact with others effectively and efficiently. I still think there is a lot of improvement left for the team to enhance the functionality and UX of Eff Bee 🙂 …

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