Brand & Me

Tiger Woods, satu dunia kenal dia. Roger Federer, ditto. Ronaldo, ditto as well.

Sebut je nama diaorang ni, we will often associate them with the type of sports they are in: golf, tenis and soccer. Alaaa, sama macam bila kita nak beli ubat gigi, kita cakap nak beli colgate and maggi untuk mee segera.

In a nutshell, they’re the brands. Dapat tangkap tak apa yang saya melalut ni?

Just think for a sec, bila kita terdengar a person’s name yang kita kenal, we will usually develop a mental image about that person based on our previous experience/knowledge/interaction with that person. So, whether we realise or not, kita sendiri is the brand.

How to determine whether you are a good and quality brand or not? Your appearance, your interpersonal skills, your expertise etc, all these count.

At the end of the day, it’s all about arriving to brand recognition… Errr, get what I mean?

Tak pe lah. All of a sudden, I just felt a need to offload some of my thoughts in writing. Later…

More about brand is just a click away


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