Err bang, IT is NOT the silver bullet…

Pelik sungguh statement di atas, ye tak? Considering the fact that it came from a person whose nature of work requires him to sit in front of the pc almost throughout the day…

Let me re-iterate this, “IT is not everything”. Yes, it will do wonders. It will speed up your works. You can do tons of works in hours instead of weeks. No more recalculation. But, to say that IT is the silver bullet is perhaps simply just due to lack of experience…

I can list out dozens of IT projects which didn’t manage to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Whay so many, you may ask?  The most common issue – ‘the system was too technology-centric’. We build, they will come. Errr, not anymore. Afraid not…

A successful system always place people in the centre. Focus on the users first. Then build the technology around them. Not the other way around my dear friend. We design a system to solve our problems, streamline our tasks. Bukannya nak menambahkan beban…


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