Rasa macam nak pitam…

A simple gesture, like a pat on the shoulder may sounds miniscule for some. Tak ada signifikasinya. But what if the gesture came from one of the head honchos of your ever so big, I mean BIG organisation? Let me  tell you how it feels like. But before that, let me story you first…

So, there I was this afternoon sitting comfortably but a little bit nervous and edgy in a small meeting room (tingkat terpaksa dirahsiakan atas sebab2 keselamatan 8) ) while doing my best to deliver a short but concise presentation about a major project I’m part in kat opis.

I noticed our man was giving his full attention to what I have to say. Knowing myself ever so well, biasalah kalau diberi peluang bagi presentation, sambil2 cakap tu throw la skit a few IT jargons mana yang patut, huhu. Biasa la, nak idup…

At the end of the presentation, to my suprise, while on his way out, he shook my hand and gave a pat on my shoulder while saying, “Great job, Khairil. Keep up the good work” . Seriesly, rasa macam nak pitam, rasa nak terbang melayang pun ada, wakaka…


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