Errrk, macam kureng jer…

Termasuk ke website my alma matter kejap tadi. Errkk, apsal rasa macam kureng jer? I know it’s about time for them to change the site. It’s been like ages since they last did a make over. Tapinya, yang baru ni nampak cam tak cukup something ler…

Color cam dull gitu. Global navigation tak cukup contrast. Macam terblend dengan gambar kat atasnya. Logo as part of the brand should always be placed at the top. It’s the de facto standard nowadays. It’s okay sometimes to go against the crowd, but logo-wise, better stick to the left top spot corner just to safe….

And camna pula tetiba boleh ada video kat bawah logo tu? Rasa macam misplaced and disconnect dengan the rest of the elements. In other words, tak harmoni…

IMHO, the homepage is a bit too simple. I think they should make it longer to include more info on news and events. And links alone are not enough without some blurbs to complement them. A line or two sentences as links are not persuasive enough.

Rasa macam nak ajak my Prof, Roger conduct usability testing jer seround dua. Musti menarik…


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