Good drubbing…

4 – 0 against the Rovers just now is a good result for me. Three straight wins in the League, after Man Yoo and Fulham. Terubat skit kelukaan lepas kena bantai 1 – 3 by the Blues last midweek, kat Anfield lak tu.

In a way, I’m kind of hoping the Reds will not progress any further in the Champions League and Man Yoo on the other hand will go all the way to the final. Errk, kenapa lak?

Well, at least we can focus on winning the League this time (ye lah, dah 18 tahun mengidam) and Sir Alex pula nak kena susun2 player mana yang nak main for CL, EPL and FA. So, like blessing in disguise gitu2…

Teringat lagi back in September ’98. Second day sampai di UK, pagi-pagi dah terpacak depan Anfield for stadium tour. Rasa macam mimpi je time tu 😉 …


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