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I’ve been a fan of Firefox ever since the day I first started using it. Err, it was 4 years back if I’m not mistaken.

There are tons of features about this particular browser which makes me stick to it all the while. Sampaikan kalau sy guna somebody’s laptop and found out that that particular machine tak ada Firefox, just gimme a few minutes. Kejap lagi ada la Firefox dalam laptop tu, huhu…

The best part about the browser just got to be the All-in-One Gestures. And another awesome feature is when you simply type keyword(s) in the address bar and press enter. Abba cadabra! Either you’ll be taken to the exact website which you want or it will display the google’s search result.

But lately, I’ve been getting this weird error message whenever I typed something in the address bar.

Firefox can’t find the file at jar:file:///C:/Program Files/Mozilla Firefox/chrome/en-US.jar!/locale/browser-region/ [abc being the keyword]

Apsal lak ni? Selalu tak pernah kuar camni pun. Paling tidak, akan kuar google search. Okay, worry not. Mr Google to the rescue. Ctrl-C and later on, Ctrl-V the sentence in the search field. Enter.

Rupanya dah ramai yang kena cam gini. The culprit was toolbar. So, sesapa yang terkena mesej cam ni, just unistall jer the toolbar and you’re good to go.

Remember, sharing is caring, y’all!


4 responses to “Sharing is caring…

  1. Yup, baru bertukar ke firefox, IE aku selalu diserang virus… Thanks 4 sharing. 🙂

  2. No prob ;). Tp dengaq kata Google Chrome macam laju. Aku dah cuba, tapi tak suka sangat. So stick with Firefox le jadinya…

    Btw Ma, lama lagi tak ko tak sana? Aku berkemungkinan nak sambung kat sana tahun depan. Tapi itu belum confirm. Kalau ada rezeki la…

  3. Kemungkinan besar aku balik tahun ni… best nya korang sambung blajar. At this point of time I really envy you!

  4. Ma, bunyi cam best nak buat phd nie. Tp bila dengar pengalaman orang yang pernah buat (yg berjaya dan kuran berjaya), pikir 10 kali gak sebelum aku hantar application form ari tu…

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