After all these years, I just found out that ‘bestest’ is actually a word. And the bestest part of all, it is my 6-year old son who uses it a lot like for example…

“Abah, tomorrow will the bestest day in my whole life. Ever.” – pasalnya dah janji nak bawa dia pi beli action figure ultraman kat tesco 🙂

Here is what I got from the web on bestest…

singular: good
comparative: better
superlative: best
super-superlative: bestest

Oh yes, pernah tak tengok cerita Ben 10? It has been a while now that we have been calling Aqif – Ben 10. Last week siap belikan the whole costume – baju, seluar and of course, the omnitrix. I’ll post the pic later 8) …


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