Exam week…

My girl will be sitting for her second exam next week. She doesn’t mind at all since she kinda figured out, kalau ada exam, meaning musti cuti sekolah lepas tu. Hehe, good approach! Outside the box stuff  8)

This time around, the preparation is much more relax compares to the previous one last February. So, since the four of us (yes, including Aqif) know how much she needs more practice on Bahasa Malaysia, we focused on that subject the whole day today.

10 mins after she started her prep…

“Abah, kata nama em tu apa?”

“Kata nama em?” me with confusing mind.

“Yes, kata nama em” she replied.

“Bring me the book. Let me see”

She obliged. I took the book and read the question.

“Oh, bukannya kata nama EM la kakak. Kata nama AM”

Cakap biar terang. Bila la nak hilang accent Troy dia ni…

LOL! 😀

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