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Semalam masa sy tengah dok godek2 Google Calendar, terperasan a cool feature ‘Notify me on my cell phone’. Like seriously, this is awesome bro. Free lak tu. How it works? Okay…

Memula macam biasa just update your activities in the calendar. Then kalau belum activate the ‘Notify me on my cell phone’, just head to Settings (ada kat sebelah kanan atas tu) > Mobile Setup > Country (select your country) > Phone Number (masukkan no cam biasa starting with 013/019/016). Tekan Save.

Do it correctly, a few seconds later the verification code will be sent to you via sms. Terus masukkan the no inside the field. Save and Siap!

Lepas tu, depending on your selection, you’ll receive a notification of your next event via sms (FOC!) . Like mine, I set it to 1 hour prior to event. Nice2…


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