English in Science & Maths: My two cents…

Based on Khairina’s report card we received last week, she did quite well in subjects which use English as the medium, like English, Science and Math. As for the rest of the subjects, well, she need to polish up her Bahasa Malaysia before she can aim for better marks.

Umm, this leads me to something that’s seems a bit obvious…

Ok, say if you were to answer a question in Science. First you have to read the question (of course), understand it and then try to figure out the answer. But, what if you’re having slight difficulty in understanding the question? Not the technicality part of it, but literally? Susah gak cam gitu…

During the first two months Kakak in 2 Intan, she was having some problems with Science and Math, especially the latter. Mana taknya, darjah 1 tak masuk, terus masuk darjah 2.

But somehow she’s lucky in a way. The English lesson which she learned back in Mrs. Dorran’s class @ Troy for almost 9 months helps her a lot.

At least, she understands (literally) what her teacher is talking about in front of the class. Masuk bab campur, tolak, bahagi and darab, these require practice. Lots of them…


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