Aku, Dia & WordPress…

Last week I received a request to conduct a 3-day training course on how to develop website using WordPress. WordPress for a website? This is new. Ain’t it’s tailored more toward blogging and not so much so for developing website, let alone a corporate website?

Time to ask my best friend, En Google then for some advise. So, off I went…

Lerrr, after a few clicking and browsing, dah banyak rupanya website yang guna wordpress as CMS. Dah dekat 2 tahun sy dok guna for blogging, baru tau rupanya boleh buat website guna WordPress ni.

WordPress, like any other popular CMSs nowadays uses PHP and MySQL. But fear not if you’re a newbie to both of them (like myself laaa, daripada dulu dah terbiasa ngan ASP), there are tons of tutorials available online.

What do you expect? It’s OPEN source, bro :D. I LIKE!


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