RM12 price hike? Yikes!

By now, all die hard football fans kat tanahair tercinta ini who subscribed to the nation’s one and only satellite television network station would have long succumbed to the fact that they have to fork out another RM12 a month to watch their favs players running around the parks week in week out chasing the white ball (kekadang yellow) in the upcoming season of EPL (and perhaps a little bit of Spanish League since En Ronaldo dah pindah ke Santiago Bernabéu).

Me? Errr, no sir. Katakan Tak Nak! 😉 . On the very day I found out about this, without hesitation, I picked up the phone,  called the customer service, canceled the sport package and later on subscribed to learning and news packages (btw with the new package, I’m still paying the same fee as before).

Worry not, I still can count on the Net to keep me update with the latest score. Hmm, nway rasa cam tak best jer En Ronaldo tak ada kat EPL tahun ni, hilang seri gitu 😀 …


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